Sunday, October 18, 2009

And the nice husband lasted 2 days...

Then I went to babysit my nephews for 2 days so my sister and her husband could go out and stay at a hotel and be alone for their 10th anniversary. My husband got upset that they didn't come home first thing in the morning and got more pissed as the day went on. He said he was mad because he thought they were taking advantage of me. He kept calling me, and yelling at me because they weren't home. Said he wanted to spend some time with his wife but really he wanted me to come home so he wouldn't have to cook his own dinner or feed the animals, as usual when he says he's just sticking up for me it's really about him and my being nice to someone else inconveniencing him.

And to add to it he's got a cold - well of course that means he is dying. When I have a cold I still do everything I normally do. I do the laundry, the dishes, feed the animals, feed him. When he has a cold he sits on his ass and moans. It is very much like this:

So enjoy. I'm ignoring him when I can and I refuse to get sucked into a fight no matter how hard he tries. I just ignore him when he's being an ass and mutter under my breath when he leaves the room.

Hoping some Nyquil and a few more days of rest and he'll be back to semi-normal.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

My husband thinks the world just revolves around him. he worries about no one but himself.

sunshine said...

Hahahaha! I love that video. I may have to steal that for my blog at some point. Hope you don't mind. :P
Men are the worst when they are sick.
I hope he gets better soon.... for your sake!


verybadcat said...

there is no bigger pain in the ass than a husband with a head cold!

Meghan said...

Would it be bad to give him an extra shot of Nyquil for some peace of mind....what? What?