Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hell Froze Over

Seriously, my husband admitted he was wrong about something major. It might be a first for him.

I went back to work full time about 4 weeks ago and I am no longer home to be at his beck and call, to drive him to everything he needs/wants to go to. He has driven himself to the VA twice without major incident (which is great because I was afraid he couldn't managed that) BUT he doesn't like it. He wants me to go with him, wants me to be able to go to Ohio for a week or more at Christmas and I can't because I don't have vacation time yet. He admitted that I was right in my original desire to only work part time so I could be available to take him all these places.

Now I'm working too much and I'm tired all the time and I don't want to go places or do things with him. I just don't feel like doing anything after I've spent all day in my car driving around and talking to people and being rejected over and over (I sell advertising and for every yes I get there are 10 no's). When I get home I want to relax, make some dinner, watch TV and not deal with people. He has been home all day and wants to go out to eat or to Walmart or Target just to get out of the house.

Something will have to give 0r maybe I will just get used to it all but my crazy schedule has me home only 2 nights during the week and on those nights the husband wants to make me go out too and I have to revolt.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

maybe he will finally appreciate you a little more.

gpc said...

I hope things get easier for you.