Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I wanted to take a cruise - but the airfare and the time needed wouldn't really allow us to do that now thanks to me not having any real time off from my job. So I figured we would do the next best thing. I got us direct flights to and from Orlando and booked us a fabulous resort hotel with so many things to do there we almost wouldn't need to leave the resort.

4 nights - 3 full days - and I wanted to relax and enjoy.

But the weather is not going to be nice enough to spend days by the pool. And my husband cannot sit still and just relax for 5 minutes much less 3 days. And since we are not confined to a ship my relaxing vacation which had turned into 1 day of relaxing and 2 days of theme parks is now 3 full days of theme parks - go - go - go - go - go - go.

No staying in bed til noon, sitting in the hot tub and laying by the pool or floating around on the lazy river. Nope - probably won't get to do any of that at all because every minute of every day is going to be jam packed with activity. When I get home on Tuesday night I will have had very little relaxation, and probably very little time to talk and work on our marriage which was really the only reason I agreed to a vacation anyway.

And 3 days of theme parks will cost an additional $500 at least I'm sure.

Yep - relaxing is out the window.

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