Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Waiting Game

It sucks.

Interview on Tuesday - she basically told me I made the cut for 2nd interview and yet Wed-Fri - no call to set it up. :(

Now I'm wondering did I screw something up at the end there? I sent thank you notes to both the interviewers. I reaffirmed my interest in the position and what I could bring to the role.

I kicked ass to be blunt.

Why haven't I gotten a phone call? Will they call on Monday for Tuesday appts? Seems kind of late.



Mark said...

I hear you on that - still waiting to hear about the results of an interview. Since we have reached the 1 week point - I am less optimistic. When the interviewer interrupted the interview questionnaire to get the company owner, I thought I had nailed it. Us and downs.

Sandy said...

Dear Tricia,

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Sandy Hayashi
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catscratch said...

I remember last year when I was waiting for call backs. Absolute hell.

I am not patient and when I'm bored and I want something really bad, it is even worse.

Good luck!