Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall has arrived...

And I am NOT happy about it.  It's cold out there and I want more summer.  :(  August was a weird month, only hot the first weekend, wet and rainy, temps in the 70's, not at all like August.  I never got into my swimming pool ONCE in August and I'm so bummed.  Now it is downright freezing - frost warning overnight and temps around 40 when I woke up.  I have to close my pool and that depresses me to no end.  :(

The upside to fall is I probably only have to mow a few more times as the cold nights stop the grass from growing and once we have a real frost it will be done for good. 

Time to get into fall mode I guess, sweaters, jeans, boots, apple picking, leaves changing, bonfires, I guess I can do this. 


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Where did the summer go? Can't control it so might as well roll with it.

Patrick said...

We are pro-cold and Patti's MS fares so much better in cold temps. "leaves changing, bonfires ..." sounds like heaven!

Caregivingly Yours,