Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reality Check...

It's time for me to get serious about something, my health, my business, my life?  Well the business is growing slowly but surely, my life seems to be a lost cause most days, but my health I can do something about.  I have been in limbo here for years.  Hanging out at the same (over) weight for years.  Doctor says "glad you're not gaining BUT..." and I take a bunch of maintenance meds that I'd rather not have to take.

Recently my parents decided enough is enough and went on a diet and exercise life change routine.  They both look great!  Having lost 50-60lbs each they are both in the normal weight  range for their age and height and have both stopped taking many meds.  My mom's diabetes is well controlled for the first time in years and my dad is only taking allergy pills these days all the others have stopped.

Alternately a very dear friend who is 3 years younger than me is giving up on doing this the healthy right way and is having gastric bypass surgery tomorrow.  I can't say I haven't considered this option BUT I know that my problem is NOT a slow metabolism it is LAZINESS and bad eating habits.  Would having surgery help me lose weight?  Probably yes, BUT could I do it without?  YES I CAN. The thing that worries me about my friend is she has been prone to binge eating and I worry that something will set her off and if she binges with her new tiny pouch she could do some serious damage.  But I am hopeful that her psychiatric treatment has addressed that issue before clearing her for this surgery?

Anyway - if my 61 and 64 year old parents can lose 50+ pounds in 6 months I am guessing that I could do the same if only I put my mind to it.

So working on making better choices.  Getting in 30 minutes of exercise daily (to start) and will see where that goes.  I'm tired of maintaining the status quo - tired of taking pills for blood pressure and acid reflux, tired of the threat of diabetes lingering right in front of me.

So excuse me - just ate my Healthy Choice lunch and about to step on the Gazelle and watch some Ally McBeal on my ROKU while moving my posterior.  It's beyond time.   

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Patrick said...

As a spouse caregiver I think it's too easy to forget about yourself or at least that was my rationalization. Light bulb went on one day for me several years ago and I dropped 50 lbs in 6 months just applying the same focus to myself as I was giving to caregiving.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick