Thursday, June 7, 2012

Counting Down the Days...

Two days this week, Four days next week, Three days the following week.  Nine days total until I am no longer employed full time by someone other than myself.  And no unemployment cushion to fall back on.  It's exhilarating and frightening at the same time.

My self employment businesses have grown.  I've gotten promoted twice within the Scentsy organization and have one person in my downline so far.  My marketing services business just picked up another customer yesterday and I have 3 websites waiting for my attention.  I know we will be okay.

I have no motivation and no enthusiasm for the next nine work days though.  I am finding it VERY hard to do the right thing.  Like today for example.  Seriously contemplating calling in sick.  That would be wrong right?


Glenda Purvis said...

I am excited for you! I have recently done the same thing. You will be fine. There is truly power in positive thinking. Don't start dwelling on the negative what-if's because you will make choices, unbeknownst to you, based on negativity. Don't do it!

And call in sick.

Tricia said...

Thanks Glenda - I have been doing some half days instead of calling in totally sick but I'm tempted! LOL