Saturday, March 7, 2009


The shelter screwed up! The day the call came in that Maggie was being turned in there was a man there specifically looking for a black lab puppy and they told him he could have first dibs at her. They told him to call back on Tuesday and come in on Wednesday after she had her rabies shot.

He didn't call on Tuesday - WE DID and they told us they had some interest but the guy hadn't called so we could have her.

Then he showed up on Wed to see her as they said (not sure why he didn't call?) and was quite upset that they had promised her to us when he says they promised her to them.

The manager of the shelter had a death in her family and was out of town so all these promises were made by various volunteers who had no authority to make them.

Anyway when the manager got back and sorted things out - the bottom line is the other guy was promised first, all his references checked out (as did ours) and she felt compelled to give the dog to him.

So as a big "sorry for the mix-up" they offered us a free adoption on a dog of our choice now or in the future. Will keep us on a list if we want for a lab or lab mix young dog or we can adopt one that is there now.

We had talked about adopting "Belle" if Maggie fell through but were so hoping for Maggie.

This is Belle - I'd have to go meet her to decide:


Meghan said...

She's precious! I'm sorry things with Maggie fell through but I bet you're going to fal in love with Belle when you see her.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

oh belle looks like a sweetie too.

Tricia said...

The problem with Belle is she's tiny - 21 pounds same size as my biggest cat. LOL We wanted a dog to play with Xavier and I fear he'd just run over her. She won't be able to keep up with him running and he weighs 80lbs more than her so I don't see them playing easily. She is certainly sweet and we may adopt her but I'm still feeling sad about Maggie - in my heart I already felt like she was mine and now I'm grieving the loss silly as it seems.

remember moments said...

Awww - that stinks, but Belle is super cute too!!!

verybadcat said...

I'm so sorry about Maggie. If Belle isn't what you're looking for, then don't settle. Maybe this happened to make room for a doggie yet to come on scene?


Meghan said...

That is really disappointing about Maggie! I agree with VBC though, if Belle isn't really the type of dog you wanted, don't settle. She's very cute and has a sweet expression, but then most shelter dogs pull at your heartstrings. It sounds more like you had a similar type of dog to Xavier in mind though, you guys have the ideal situation to give a large dog a home (i.e., land), and the perfect one may come along in just a few weeks. If you meet Belle and fall head over heels in love, that's another thing, but otherwise I'd just wait a bit if it were me.

Lanette said...

Belle is so cute! I never was a fan of small dogs until I got my two Bichons, now I love them more than any big dogs I've ever been around. They are small enough to cuddle with you and fun to watch play!