Monday, August 3, 2009

This week starts the testing...

My husband is going to the VA Hospital on Thursday to begin testing and evaluation for his compensation claim. Thankfully I am able to go with him - being unemployed right now while all this is going on is actually a blessing in disguise I think.

In preparation for all this I have been gathering the last few reports from doctors so we can get them copied and take them with us on Thursday.

One of the more disheartening ones is the neuro-psych evaluation report:
  • substantial difficulty recalling distinctive recent events
  • reduction in auditory attention/concentration
  • reduced cognitive processing speed
  • significant impulsivity/disihnibition
  • significantly below average in his ability to complete mental calculations
  • displays prominent deficiency in planning and organization
  • seems both labile and disinhibited in his daily fuctioning
A few quotes from the doctor's the final impression:

"Structured cognitive assessment corroborates very substantial persisting impairments in recent memory/new learning."

"The patient displays prominent deficiencies in self regulatory ability and self monitoring..."

While this all bodes well for the VA Disability claim, it is a huge black mark on our future. The Doctor recommends occupational therapy - I am hoping this is something we can get through the VA once this is all approved because he will need lots of visits and at $25 co-pay per visit under my insurance plan we just can't afford it.

I also pray that the VA Disability is at the max allowed amount because that would allow me to work part time and be available to take him to all these many appointments.

So hoping Thursday goes well and wishing there was a better prognosis. :(


Queen-Size funny bone said...

my husband also had to go through hours of testing and had a very dim prognosis for the future. They said if he did not get brain function back within the first 3 months it would not come back. I have asked about treatment since so much is being done now with stroke patients but there is nothing. Good luck I hope it works out in your favor.

Lisa Emrich said...

My thoughts are with you both Tricia.

I looked for brain atrophy information in an understandable form, but not too thin on details. Found nothing, really.

Hope all leads to a positive outcome.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I love you. I hope that the situation at least turns to favor you, even if the news doesn't. ~hugs~

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I realized I've been a bad blog hopper when I read the "good thing I'm unemployed" since the last time I was here, you weren't.
*hangs head* Okay. Enough about me and my feelings of guilt.
Damn it, girl. You are my hero. When faced with those doctor's comments? I'd have been so...well, I'd have felt kicked a bit.
Whatever you hope for, I want you to have. Now. LOL.
I'll be sending good thoughts your way.