Monday, September 7, 2009

Life can change in a second...

My sister's husband's oldest brother is going to die, probably tomorrow. He is 47 years old, he has a wife and two boys 13 and 11. About a month ago he experienced some severe and sudden pain in his back and some very serious looking bruises appeared, the doctor sent him to the hospital and he was admitted immediately. He was diagnosed with acute leukemia and started on an aggressive inpatient chemo treatment.

He started having some major issues with being in the hospital, I think they called it hospital psychosis. He was sure the nurses were trying to kill him, he escaped from the hospital once and pulled the fire alarm on his way out. He was restrained and medicated. His poor wife going through hell.

Then Saturday morning around 4am he went into cardiac arrest, it took over 35 minutes to revive him. They used hypothermic blankets to lower his body temperature in an attempt to let his body heal a bit and hoping to minimize brain damage. But after warming him back up and removing him from the drugs medically inducing coma - the tests show that the brain damage is extensive and he will not be able to survive off the life support machines.

The family signed a DNR tonight and the life support will be removed tomorrow.

A month ago their family was happy and everyone seemed healthy and they were enjoying their summer and now tomorrow 2 boys will lose their daddy, and one woman will lose her lifelong love.

I'm so sad for them although I don't know them super well and it makes me want to hug those close to me and remind them how much they mean because life can change in a second.

UPDATE: RIP - Steve. He passed at 3am on September 9th.


sunshine said...

I'm so sorry! I had something like that happen to a friend of mine this summer. She went in on Wednesday, they told her she had cancer in her liver and they were going to start chemo right away. By Monday she was dead.. it had spread all through her within hours!!
I feel so badly for your brother in law's wife and children. You're right.. life can change...just like that.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

What a terible thing to happen. I know only too well how easily your life can be changed forever.

Debbie said...

I don't know them at all and I feel so sorry for them. It's amazing how quickly something can change. How awful.

verybadcat said...

I'm so sorry, darlin. Heartbreaking. Life is so precious, and unfortunately, fleeting.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh my God! That's so awful!
I hope you're doing okay. This isn't an easy thing to deal with for anyone.

Tricia said...

I'm doing okay - I really didn't know him well. But the shock of someone so young and apparently healthy going down so fast makes you hold those dear to you closer. His wife, children, parents and siblings are having a hard time. The memorial will be next Saturday so perhaps that will give it all a bit of closure and allow them to move on in their grieving process.

Meghan said...

I'm so sorry for the loss your family is feeling right now. You're right, life can yake unexpected twists and sometimes it makes you sit back with a slap of shock for how quickly things can change.