Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unemployment, Sweet Unemployment...

So I didn't have to make the choice to walk away from the job that was so bad for me. I got laid off and now I can collect unemployment while I figure out my next steps! I'm thrilled to be unemployed! LOL

I have already met with 2 new clients who need help with Website Design and Social Media Marketing, and one hired me for 10 hours a month, the other we need to finalize details. The restaurant I worked at for 2 years is opening up again very soon and I will be doing her web and social media marketing as well as waiting tables occasionally, life is good.

It's coming together, the reinvention is underway!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

good luck and keep it rolling

A Pretty Life said...

What a great attitude! It sounds like things are really coming together for you!!! You are right - Life is good!
Have a PRETTY day!