Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally a Glorious Summer Day!

It's been far to cold, wet, raining, etc here for it to really feel like summer but finally today it was mid 70's, sunny, slight breeze, just beautiful!

I have the doors and windows open to let in fresh air and bird chirping noises (not the actual chirping birds thankfully) and spent 3 hours mowing the lawn getting some sun on my shoulders and wind in my hair!

Now I've got the smell of Manicotti baking in the oven tempting me with delicious fragrances! I finally made the homemade shells in this recipe: Truly Homemade Manicotti and the cheese mixture from my mom's lasagna recipe that I really need to put up.

Hope everyone is enjoying their July 4th weekend! We spent the day yesterday with my sister and her family and the evening with them and some of their friends who graciously invited us to join their family celebration. They had lots of really big fireworks and put on a better show than most villages around here. Truly spectacular and we had a very nice time.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

glad you got some relaxation into the weekend.

Lanette said...

Sounds like a good weekend. People don't use the word "villages" enough...nice touch..a bit classy.

Tricia said...

In NY there is a definite difference between Town and Village. :) Town includes the rural areas surrounding villages and cities. Most of the residential areas here are villages - far too small to be cities. :)

I live in a town but not a village - 6 miles to the nearest tiny village. 10 miles to a place with a grocery store, 14 miles to a Wal-mart. I definitely live in the sticks.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Whoo! Glad you enjoyed the manicotti. I may just have to try it with your mom's cheese mixture when you put it up.