Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two more days at home...

Then I'm off to spend probably at least 7 days at my mother-in-laws. I'm just not looking forward to spending all that time...
  • Sleeping on a double bed - I'm 5'10" and Pete is 6'4" and anything less than a Queen is just not big enough, Pete's feet hang off the end and he doesn't like that so he either curls up and takes 3/4 of the bed OR sleeps diagonal and leaves me with the choice to curl up (which I hate) or hang my feet off the side (which I hate more)

  • Spending 7 days living in a house where everyone but me smokes. I hate cigarrette smoke and my husband smokes outside in the garage. At his mom's no such luck and at any given time there are usually at least 3 people lit up and if his sister and her husband and step sons are there too then 6 people smoking and ME. UGH.

  • Probably spending Christmas day at a casino - let's just say not my idea of a meaningful way to spend Christmas.

  • Listening to my husband and his sister bicker and fight the entire time.

  • Not having my doggie to keep me company at the very least while I hide in the bedroom and try to avoid the yelling and the smoke.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

sorry, for once i wish i could stay home and do what i want for xmas. bring a good book, ipod and ear plugs

Cranky said...

Tricia - I can imagine how disgusting you'll feel after 1 day in a house with 6 smokers, let alone a week. We used to stay overnight when we visited some good friends who live a few hours away. Their house was so smoky we had to finally give up and just do day visits. We'd feel sick and headachy and everything, including the dogs' fur, stank.

Perhaps a smokeeter (or whatever they're called) would be a good Christmas present for them?

sunshine said...

This sounds horrible. Especially the people smoking part! Gross!
That's why I put the boots to spending Xmas eve with my husbands family in Toronto. I couldn't handle the smoke!

I hope that things go better than expected.

verybadcat said...

Hang in there honey. I love ya.