Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Friends...

So yesterday's post was about an old friend (well 5ish years) that disappointed me recently BUT today's is about a new friend that I'm coming to count on more and more.

We met about a year and a half ago at church. She's quite a bit younger than me (12 years to be exact as she shares my birthday) but we have similar interests. She really pursued me for friendship asking me to lunch, to go shopping, to hang out, and this was kind of new for me. Usually I'm the one that makes the effort. She told me she's never really had many close friends which is hard to believe as she is funny, smart, talented, beautiful, and more. Being around her made me feel my shortcomings more acutely at first until I realized that she doesn't see them. She truly likes me for me and has no expectations that I should change to be more like her (I wish I could).

Her husband grew up with a similar background to me - Christian School, Christian College, Church, Youth Group, Sheltered for sure. So we have a bit of a bond there - he's a great guy and he and my husband get along well. They talk about video games and music and sports and things guys talk about. My husband really likes him a lot which is an amazing plus. We have couple friends something that we have never really managed to do.

Having them in our lives is good for us, hopefully we are good for them too. I know that despite our lack of talent they do aspire to be more like us financially - home ownership specifically. :) Right now they rent an apartment in her parents house and it's good but they do want to buy their own place some day.

And when I say talent I mean TALENT - they have a band that is amazing and write all their own music. She is a former dancer (10 years in a company) and now has her own dance studio that she teaches classes for ages 2 to adult. She sings in the band, she plays violin, guitar, piano, she teaches voice. She draws, paints, sculpts, sews, and more. There isn't anything she can't do. Her husband is a fantastic guitarist - he is teaching my husband how to play. And he's making progress, my husband who has difficulty retaining new information is actually learning and can now read music and play some basic stuff on his guitar. Now that is TALENT to be able to get him to retain this stuff.

So these are our fantastic new friends - even our dogs are friends! They have a yellow lab too and the two dogs LOVE to run and play together.

My greatest fear in this friendship? Someday they will have a baby and my guess is all this will change dramatically. Guess we'll see.


verybadcat said...

Well, babies do change everything, but you're a hell of an Aunt, already, are you not? ;)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

cherish what is now

Layne said...

Sounds like you have some great friends there. Focus on the fun times now and don't worry about what's gonna happen down the road.

Don't taint today's fun with tomorrow's 'what ifs'. Life's too short! :-)