Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's definitely summer this week...

It's been in the 90's for days with high humidity and heat indexes in the 105 range - I have thanked GOD every day this week for my central air conditioning! And I have appreciated friends with a swimming pool who invited us over to swim a few times.

I have not had fun at the restaurant this week, it's a pizza place and we don't have central air, only stand alone units that don't make a dent in it. Because of this fact hardly any customers braved it this week and that is okay with me, it was 98 degrees in the dining room on Thursday (no lie) and I didn't want to have to move from the AC unit I had blowing right on my neck. It finally rained last night and it's somewhat cooler today but it will still be insane in there tonight and that is where I'm heading.

Updates - husband's SSDI got approved in May (after only 3 months) which has eased my concerns about finding full time work. My unemployment is extended through mid-September at least and I won't know until then if it's going to be extended again. I am looking for jobs - but finding anything closer to home that pays decent is turning out to be near impossible. A full time job about 20 miles from home that will want me to put in 110% effort but pays 1/2 of my former salary just doesn't appeal to me. Part time positions seem to be scarce at any pay scale. I applied for a lunch server position at another local restaurant and didn't even get a call - guess the owner didn't find me appealing. :(

My plans are to keep looking - and enjoy the summer because I think full time work is in my future again in the fall, maybe less stressful and definitely less lucrative but it seems I will need to do it if a part time position doesn't come up.

I do have one pipe dream/long shot that I'm working on. It involves a proposal to some very cosmopolitan guys from NYC who have become gentlemen farmers in our area. They have a TV show actually on one of the many Discovery Network channels and I have a skill that they are in desperate need of. The problem is they don't know they need me - YET - but I'm working on changing that. It could solve a whole heap of my problems if they agree that they need my skills and it could be VERY good for them too. So fingers crossed and maybe more info later on that one. I hope to make preliminary contact this coming week and schedule a face to face to lay out my proposal.


sunshine said...

The heat HAS been terrible here too!
And heat in itself doesn't bother me but ... the humidity does.
Thank goodness we had that rain as well and took most of it away. Yesterday was really beautiful. :)
We don't have air conditioning in our house. We will be needing a new furnace in the next few years so we figured we just do it all together.
I guess so long as it's in before my hot flashes start, we'll all be okay. :P

I hope that you can get your unemployment extended again! That would give you some more time to find what you're looking for. That sounds really interesting about the idea you have for the show. You've caught my attention with that one! I hope it works out!

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. :) I really appreciate it.


Jennifer Leeland said...

You can do it!!! I have faith in you, Tricia.

Lanette said...

It hasn't dropped below 90 degrees and heat indexes of 100+ in Nashville since early May. I can relate. The heat and humidity is killing my MS. How is your husband coping with it?

Glad to hear you may have a skillset that can get you in the good graces of possible employers. Good Luck! :)