Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trying to snap out of it...

There has been a job in the local paper for over a month. It's a Legal Assistant - part time - experience preferred. I've been looking at this every week and thinking I should apply. I don't have experience but I am highly educated, have been an assistant before, and have had at least 3 classes in business law which included terminology.

Working for a local lawyer likely means lots of real estate law, divorces, traffic tickets and the like. I think I could easily handle the paperwork surrounding these. I type 70+ wpm and I'm smart and organized. A legal assistant should pay fairly well, even at part time it should be enough to keep us going with me still waiting tables 2-3 nights a week.

So I wrote a cover letter, I printed it out with my resume and an envelope and I'm putting it in the mail today. It's a blind ad - the resume goes back to the paper - so I can't follow up on it but for some reason I have a good feeling. I hope I get an interview so I can show this lawyer that I'd be a great addition to their team - prompt, responsible, smart.

And for me - it's local, short commute! It's part time, so no 60 hour weeks! It could be perfect.

Wish me luck.

p.s. Still hesitating on presentation for "dream" but may try to get that done today as well. Why not? What have I got to lose? (oh yeah the "dream" part.)


ridgely johnson said...

I will be thinking good thoughts about you in the coming days. You are not alone '=}

Queen-Size funny bone said...

reach for the moon theworst you can do is fall on a star.