Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coming Soon to My Backyard

So I decided that it's time to get something I really want, something I have wanted for YEARS. We had the money and I decided a pool was more enticing than a 7 day cruise and long term I'd get much more enjoyment out of it. So sometime in the next few days this is going to be installed in my backyard.

I see pool parties, afternoons floating with a book, maybe a suntan (or maybe not?) and hours of fun. And for years to come I will LOVE my pool.

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sunshine said...

We have a pool like that too! It's been a God send with the kids. I don't have to pack everyone and everything up and head for the park!
You're hot? Go jump in the pool!
All 4 of mine just got out of ours after playing in it for about an hour.

Enjoy! I"m sure you will love it! Congratulations. Wheeeeee!