Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Destined to be a Waitress...

I have applied for several jobs in the past month that would be a lunch or a breakfast and lunch waitress. I am currently working part time as a waitress, I have lots of experience waiting tables, I have been a trainer, I have been a manager, I should be a shoe in . Neither place has called me - at one place I even got to talk to the manager and she seemed like she might hire me. It's been over a week with no call so I guess not.

I can't say I'm heartbroken over this - I really do not want to be a career waitress. But I feel like maybe someone is telling me something? Okay God I'm listening - what job is it that you want me to apply for? I'm kind of hoping that it was the legal assistant job I sent my resume in for this week. Would be nice to at least get a call.

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

If they could pay me for each resume i sent out i wouldn't need a job.