Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Hell that is the Air Mattress...

So spending Thanksgiving with family out of town is always nice.  It's good to see them and spend time with them but the downside is that we are spending our nights sleeping on a double size air mattress.  Here is how it starts out - me on my side and him on his side.  Everytime anyone moves the other gets sent in flying.  And my husband is 6'4" and a full size mattress is not really long enough for him so he tends to roll toward the middle and go diagonal.  This morning around 3am I fell off the side I was trying so hard to cling too.  After I stopped cursing I climbed back in and tried to shove him back to his side with no success.  By 8am I had fallen out of the stupid bed 3 more times.  I was still sooooo tired that I moved to a recliner chair and fell back to sleep until nearly noon.

It was our 4th night on the mattress and I was not in a good mood when I got shoved out for the 3rd time. One more night here and as much as I'm enjoying the time with family I am so ready to go home to my own bed.

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