Monday, November 12, 2012

Time Management Skills

I used to be great at time management.  I was able to crank out incredible amounts of work in short periods of time.  I could do 5 things at once and do them well.  I kept multiple plates spinning, all my balls in the air and had time to spare.  When I had a full time job, hobbies, friends, a house, a husband and a life somehow I managed it all and never felt overwhelmed.

These days?  I am completely and totally ineffective at everything it seems.  I have multiple customer website projects going and they are all behind schedule.  I can barely drag myself out to sell the ads for my part time contract job.  My desk is a mess, my house is a mess, I feel overwhelmed that I can't possibly do it all.

What has changed?  Theoretically I should have no trouble getting all of this done in the time I have available and yet sometimes whole days go by when I accomplish nothing.

Take today for example.  It's 9:15am and I'm in PJ's still and have done nothing productive.  I have 2 websites to work on and a whole slew of ad's to call about or actually go visit customers.  I could clean my house, mow the yard one last time, do laundry, do dishes.  What am I doing?  Writing a blog, surfing facebook, and watching old episodes of FRINGE on netflix and telling myself I'll get to the other stuff later.

I have lost my motivation which makes my time management skills suck royally.  Maybe I'm depressed?  Or maybe I'm just lazy.


Jennifer Leeland said...

I find being overwhelmed is like Tribbles. It keeps multiplying everything until it's all out of control.
I have no solution for you. I can only commiserate.
You're NOT lazy. I will tell you from my own experience that beating myself up about it doesn't make it better. It makes it worse.
Hang in there.

Tricia said...

Thanks Jen - it helps that someone else understands. I'm just so frustrated with my ability to focus these days. :(