Friday, October 10, 2008

This weekend is all about me...

Hubby will not know about the job until sometime next week. I have a bad feeling that this ship has sailed. I have sent his resume in for 2 openings at the State. I have submitted him for an opening at my company's sister company. I will probably cruise job boards and submit him for a few more before the weekend is up.

But finding him a job is really about me - because if he doesn't find one I will have to give up things I love (like my housekeeper) so keeping him gainfully employed is an entirely selfish move on my part! ;-)

So hubby is off visiting his little old italian aunts who will fill him full of delicious foods and treat him like a king for a few days. While he is gone here are some things I am planning:

1 - getting my hair done after work tonight - not sure but feeling a bit of the rebel coming on. Shorter maybe, red maybe, who knows.
2 - some tasty chinese take out on the way home
3 - a hot bath with a bottle of wine and the mini-dvd player showing a good chick flick while I soak away my troubles.
4 - painting my nails a lovely shade of bright red that will make me smile all weekend

1 - sleeping in
2 - finally tackling the basement clean-up project - should take about an hour if I just get going including litter box full replacements
3 - dropping off old computers at the town's hazmat day for no extra charge
4 - shopping at the brand new Target and pretending that my husband is not unemployed for the day
5 - back home and a short nap just because I can!
6 - over to my sister's house for dinner with the family - some good nephew time and family talk
7 - home to bed and another good night's sleep aided by alcohol most likely

1 - sleep in
2 - catch up on shows on DVR that I want to watch
3 - take the dog - head to a park (or my friend E's camp) and go for a relaxing stroll in the beauty that is fall in upstate NY - the leaves are just perfect and gorgeous right now.
4 - back home for a nice dinner of beef stew I am going to put in the crock pot before I leave
5 - to bed early to be ready to tackle another week

Yep I have plans for my weekend as a single girl - plans to do things I want to do and very little in the way of chores/work.

Sweet anticipation!


Shieldmaiden96 said...

Sounds awesome! I get a mini vaca tonight, since himself is covering a football game for the paper. I already did my nails and watched my Netflix chick flick, (Last of the Blonde Bombshells) so I'll have to come up with something else.

verybadcat said...

Sounds divine.....

I'm seriously considering ditching work early today. I could get some grocery shopping done, and then head home to get the weekend's chores out of the way. That would leave time for a delicious nap and maybe some organizing I've been dying to do after Saturday morning's Parkway adventure.

Sunday is all about cooking dinner for company, and playing on the interwebz.....

I'll fit the booze in there somewhere. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Good for you! You need a "me" weekend :)

I'm off work on Monday and Tuesday so I am going to get some "me" time myself. Monday I'm going to go get something done with my hair - not quite sure what yet... nothing drastic, but I do need a color to cover the grays that are popping up.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Dr. Phil said the other day to compromise and save money we should cut our hair at home. well I cut hubbys hair at home and with the money I save I go out and get mine cut. No one in my house touching me with scissors

Tricia said...

No way will I ever cut my own hair again (used to sometimes in college) or let hubby near me with anything sharp! LOL The $12 for a haircut is not going to make or break my budget every 8 weeks. Now the color and highlight might but DAMMIT I'm worth it!