Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winter - please go back to wherever it is you came from. Please?

Okay so this is my deck - on October 28th at 3pm. As you can see it is snowing today. They are saying 10-12" for my area of SNOW. It's October. Technically still fall. I am not pleased.

Just last night hubby and I were discussing if we should mow the grass one last time - guess that has been answered for us. Time to make sure the snowblower is front and center in the shed and ready at a moments notice to clear out the driveway.

Time to put away the summer shoes once and for all. Time to put those flirty skirts and blouses away until spring arrives again.

Time to pull up the flowers that have survived in my beds since May. Time to pull out the tomato plants and throw them on the compost heap.

Time to burrow in and prepare for a long cold winter. Global warming? Certainly not here in my little corner of the world.

*Updated to show a picture of what it looks like today. Wetter & heavier & drearier than the pic I had from January. More depressing for sure.


Caiti said...

Yeah...I know I'm not too far away from you, and we got hit today too.

I have to walk to and from classes all day which is sucking majorly.

Snow, please go away for another month or two.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Oh my goodness I wouldn't be able to handle snow this early. stay warm.


Yesterday when it was about 42 degrees, one of my students gleefully stated that if it were only a little colder that it would snow.

My response - NO SNOW!!!!!

Her response - I'd be cool if it snowed for Halloween.

Bite your tongue there missy. NO SNOW!!!!!

Tricia said...

I remember more than one Halloween as a child having to wear my costume over a snowsuit. Upstate NY is just unpredictable.

Jennifer said...

OMG! I would die if we got snow this early! I'm enjoying a sunny 50 degree day here. Don't hate on me :)

Meghan said...

Ouch! I heard it was coming for some parts of the northeast, but didn't realize you would get snow! It was just cold and extremely rainy here. The first snow is kind of fun though, I don't mind the first couple of months of winter. It's just when it's March....and then April...and still *#&#^@! FREEZING!!! that it gets OLD. :-)

Anonymous said...

Earliest snow in recorded history for Asheville. We got as much as you did, it just didn't all stick. ;)

I was looking at my closet today, thinking, why don't I have anything that's cute *and* warm. Oh, it's because those clothes don't really exist. I do love sweater weather, but I hate losing my skirts and t shirts....

All I could think as I drove down I-40 in hard-driving and quickly accumulating snow was: "these desert peeps are never going to believe I couldn't get to the office because it snowed".

Tricia said...

It wasn't the earliest snow here. One year when I was about 15 we had snow the first week in October - it was over a foot and because the leaves were still mostly on the trees we had major power outages. My parents were in CT for the day and got stuck there and my 12 year old sister and I were alone. Of course no cell phones back then so we had no idea if our parents were on the road or in a ditch somewhere. We took care of the animals before dark and then lit some oil lamps and kept the stove full of wood. We huddled up and waited and my parents made it home very late at night.

That is the earliest snow I remember.

The latest - snow storm in May one year when I was in college. Was trying to get home and got stuck in it.

The northeast is so much fun.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

I spent 2 1/2 hours on Route 84 in PA yesterday; drove over the Pocono Mtns on a stretch of road that had not been treated and only given a one-lane lick and a promise by the plows; the 2.5 hrs was just to go 40 miles. When I finished in Port Jervis and tried to come back, 84 was closed, so I ended up going up 209 and driving across the Catskills, which was surprisingly better. The whole day was over 13 hours long.
October! Jeez!

Lanette said...

Yeah it is going to be a cold winter...even here in TN. It's been cold...though no snow yet thank god...I've got enough going on right now.


OMG! I disappear for a brief time and y'all get snowed in!!

Guess mowing that grass will have wait until spring now? LOL

Linda D. in Seattle