Friday, January 30, 2009

Honest Scrap...

So earlier this week Verybadcat tagged me for this Honest Scrap award and I promised I'd get to it soon so going to give this a try tonight.

The rules are I must share 10 things about myself and tag some bloggy friends to receive the award and play along, so here goes...
  1. I have recently become an honest to god facebook addict and it's a good thing that I can't access it from my office or I'd probably be fired.

  2. One of my more unusual hobbies involves traveling to fairs in the summer where I get paid to judge some animals (livestock) keeping the species a secret for now.

  3. I grew up in pretty sheltered, I went to a Christian school from 2nd grade thru graduation and even went to a Christian college for my undergrad which you wouldn't know to read the foul language I sometimes use in this blog.

  4. Although I tend to present as confident and self assured in public I am desperately insecure at times and worried that no one really likes me.

  5. I'm terrified that the MS is taking away my husband, little by little his personality has changed and someday I fear I may find myself married to a total stranger.

  6. I love my dog far more than I probably should. No I don't "love" my dog - but I do adore him with all my being and will be more than devastated if something happened to him.

  7. I am a snoop. I can't help it. I have found out things I wish I didn't know and yet I'd rather know that be totally blind to the truth.

  8. I read "Chick Lit" and I LOVE it! :) I loved the Shopaholic series but don't think I will like the movie much.

  9. I like silly humor movies - tonight we saw Paul Blart Mall Cop and found it hilarious. Despite this I am not a fan of Will Ferrell or Jim Carey but I love Adam Sandler.

  10. I love singing karoke - I will do this with very little encouragement. I have twice sang karoke in front of co-workers when more than a little drunk. I have sang in bars many times. I'm not that good but I don't care it's fun.
So I'm supposed to tag a few people, so I'm tagging Jen and Shieldmaiden98 and anyone else that would like to play along.

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