Monday, February 9, 2009

Lunchroom Conversations

Lunchroom conversation between me and my fabulously gay friend B:

B: How are you?
Me: Not good - feeling in a fog today

B: Oh really? Do you know you just put grapes in the freezer then?
Me: Yes! They actually are good frozen

B: I just thought you were nuts
Me: Well that too I guess

For the record - white grapes are fabulous frozen!


Lanette said...

Good to Know. I've never had them frozen...I'll have to try them. I imagine you have to suck on them for awhile huh... lol

verybadcat said...

Just thinking about anything frozen makes my bad tooth hurt. :(

PunkyBean said...

Frozen grapes! Hmmm... I don't like them unfrozen, but I bet that frozen would completely change things! This could help me with my Weight Watchers adventures (or dis-adventures.)

Thank you!


Now, frozen grapes WITH nuts sounds "delish"!