Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's easier to just do it myself...

Today my husband decides he is going to "help me" by doing laundry. So he sorts it all into piles on the bedroom floor and then goes to get a laundry basket to carry it downstairs. He finds that the laundry baskets are all full - of clothes and in the spare room where I keep my clothes. (Cause I just carry the hamper down to the basement and sort the laundry down there and don't need a basket until they are dry.)

He first sends me an nasty email and when I don't respond he calls me to berate me and say that because I "bitch that he never does anything" (which I haven't said a word in months) he decided to help with the laundry but since the baskets are all full of "your shit" I can't do it.

I simply said - "I don't worry about keeping the baskets empty because I'm the one doing the laundry and I know where they are."

He says I'm bitching again - then when I say "no I'm not" he says "do you even know what bitching is?" so I said "Yep it's what you're doing right now and I don't have time for it - GOODBYE!" and I hung up the phone.

So after all that I will come home tonight and still have to do the laundry I'm sure because now he has his excuse for another 3 months of just not bothering to do a damn thing.

Sheesh is it any wonder that I'd rather just do the work myself?


Queen-Size funny bone said...

same thing at my house. either he can't find something because he doesn't look or if he does something he screws it up.

Meghan said...

Oh dear! Meghan needs to come for a visit. I would so straighten him right out...LOL (Okay, you expect this response from me, and you know I mean it in humor :-)). My reply would be something like "Oh my goooooohness yes, laundry is such a complex and confusing business - no one is there to prep your area for you and hand you your empty containers, you actually have to figure all that out for yourself there big boy - I have my system for when I do the laundry, but if you have a better one you should ABSOLUTELY take control of that process full time and establish your preferred procedures for your chores. Let me know what those are once you line that out. I'm going to meet friends/to have a massage/to the nail salon (you get the picture), but I'll be waiting all ears for the manly plan you come up with. Followed by a "harumph" after I hang up the phone. LOL :-)

Tricia said...

Well when I got home he had actually done 3 loads, and he unloaded the dishwasher. I don't say a word about his earlier hissy fit and neither does he. I'll keep those baskets empty and available if that is all it takes to get him to do some work.

But seriously after last week and him getting so wiped out by stairs that I had to fly to Pittsburgh to bring him home I'm not sure lugging laundry up and down the stairs is such a good idea.

But I'll bite back the urge to tell him so! LOL

Anonymous said...

I swear that men have hormonal cycles and they get as crazy as we do.

I like Meghan's response (surprise, surprise, and nice to see her!), but mine might have been to stop at Walmart and buy half a dozen laundry baskets......


Lanette said...

Men can be moody bastards just like we ladies get in our moods. I admit it...I'm a moody bitch sometimes. LOL

I've also learned that if I ask for something to be done that I should not to expect it to get done the same way I would do it or want it done. I know he will not do it "my way", so, I should just be thankful it got done at all.

I like Meghan's reply as well...oh no the laundry baskets are full...whatever will I do?!!!

PS: Does your hubby read this blog?

Tricia said...

LOL thanks ladies! :)

He did do the laundry (well started anyway) with just one basket cause he couldn't possibly dump one so he could have 2? LOL

And NO Lannette he doesn't read this blog of I'd have to bite my tongue a lot. The whole point of this blog is NOT having to bite my tongue everywhere. :)

Cat - I thought about more baskets but we do have 3 and that seems more than enough!

And as I predicted by the time I got home he was over it completely.

Shelby said...

okay, I've suspected this for a while but you really are living in my house somewhere, aren't you?

You'd think after 20 years of marriage -- and almost all of it in this same house with the same routine -- my hubby would know how/when things get done...