Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Today I talked to the regional manager for Veterans Benefits for the Paralyzed Veterans of America in Syracuse. He told me that Pete's is a no-brainer case and that he would absolutely be approved. The PVA case manager is calling Pete today to start gathering information and sending us what we need to get this party started. They seemed hopeful that we could start receiving benefits in just a few months time. He threw out a monthly number that staggered me to be quite honest. It is quite a bit more than hubby's take home pay was from his last job and more than I make in a month so I won't get my hopes up that high but at this point even a few hundred a month would make the difference.

He will also be eligible for VA medical benefits - meaning I could cut my insurance payments in half if we chose to go that route. I think though that I would keep the family plan and have my insurance as secondary for those things that perhaps the VA won't pay for? Things to keep in mind.

Also the VA offers several programs and grants to help pay to make a home wheelchair accessible - we are definitely heading that way some day - holding off as long as possible but it's nice to know they will help pay for this when the time comes.

I am just so relieved. Maybe some of the weight can come off my shoulders? Maybe Pete can have the funds to do a few things to stave off boredom and depression and get out of the house? Maybe bringing in a decent amount of the income tax free will help fight off the depression for good?

Thank you so much Lisa and Diana for the info you provided for me. You pointed me in the right direction and I was able to get this ball rolling faster than I ever imagined. And now I am thinking I won't need to hire the lawyer to fight for SSDI for him after all. It's nice to know that his 10 years of service and the months he spent getting shot at in the desert will take care of him now that he can't do it himself.


Angela said...


remember moments said...

That's great news. Hope it works out perfectly!


clap clap clap!!!

I'm so happy for you guys! That would be great. So many things taken care of all at once. Income, benefits, assistance, the works.

Cranky said...

Such great news. Happy for both of you. It was such a relief when Skip got approved for Social Security disability many years ago, I can completely relate.

Meghan said...

As I'd said at "the other place", I couldn't be thrilled for you guys! Now, once his depression clears from bringing in money again, you just have to train him that you want an immaculate white-glove house and hot home-cooked meals on the table when you arrive home at night! Heh. :-P

Shelby said...

Hi. I've fought the general bureaucracy of government, though not military-related, regarding my husband's disabilities for 14 years. It took two years (and a lawyer) to get him SSDI. I am SO GLAD that you're getting some help!!!