Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation Tales... (part one)

Starting with the bad things:
  • Hubby's friend refusing to let us pay for anything EVER! He would leave the table to go to the bathroom and hunt down the server and pay for everything - wouldn't even let us leave the tip. Generosity is nice but he refuses to let anyone else be generous - EVER - and I know I make at least 2X more annually than he does so why the show?

  • Hubby's friend refusing to stop the car and let me get the GPS out of the trunk when we were clearly LOST! TWICE - the 2nd time when we were on our way to the airport - assuming that he knew how to get to the airport (bad assumption). When he refused to stop this time I activated VZ Navigator on my phone for $2.99 so it could tell him to turn the fuck around! We got to the airport less than an hour before our flight because of his 30 mile out of the way detour - thankfully DFW wasn't busy and we got on with no issues.

  • Hubby's friend getting obnoxious drunk every day. (this leading to the door banging night)

  • Hubby's friend having to "one-up" every story including when Pete's air force friend he hadn't seen for 25 years came to visit us on Saturday - Scott had to one-up him too and it was so embarrassing!

  • Hubby's friend's severe case of ADHD, completely incapable of sitting still for more than 2 seconds at a time, I swear my 2 year old nephew has a longer attention span.

  • Hubby's friend insulting poor girl at liquor store with his insistence on speaking in Spanish to anyone who looked even slightly Hispanic. She answered him back in English and he says "oh you want to work on your English?" to which she replied "No, I was born here and I don't speak Spanish." I was mortified.

  • Hubby's friend talking through and over anything and anyone all the time. Watching a movie - he will spoil it by telling you what's going to happen next.

  • Hubby's friend constantly going on and on about being a "Marine". Big fucking deal! Once when he stopped to ask a cop directions, the cop yelled at him and told him to pull off the road first and his answer "I'm a marine." My thought was so what? does that give you a free pass to ignore the rules? I guess to him it does.

  • Hubby's friend refusing to let airport personnel push Pete in the wheelchair to the gate (while I carried the luggage) and instead making us wait while he goes through the line to get a security pass so he can push him. Remember at this point we are already over an hour later than I wanted to be and he is making us wait because he needed hubby's boarding pass to get his security pass.

On the way home hubby turns to me and says - "Well I've had my yearly dose of Scott ____." And I said "hear, hear!" and then he kissed me and we cuddled on the flight home.

Being united against the annoying guy was just one of the many good things about our vacation. There were lots of good things on this vacation too - I'll save those for another post tomorrow and hopefully sort through some good pictures to share too.



verybadcat said...

Yay! You're home! This guy sounds like a level 4 nightmare. Not enough to keep you up all night, but hard to shake off after....


Meghan said...

Sometimes the most 'National Lampoon' sort of holidays are the ones I find bring you closer together. Glad the trip was good (for the most part)

Rambling Rachel said...

Is this guy for real? Did you make him up because he can't really exist.

Tricia said...

I wish I made him up - really I do! LOL But nope - he is real, painfully real.