Monday, January 18, 2010

January Thaw...

We had our January Thaw last week - several days in the high 30's and much of the snow melted. Then last night we got another 2-4", haven't been outside yet so I'm not sure how much we have exactly. I'll find out this afternoon when I have to go run the snow blower.

I've been cooking my way through January, making bread, cookies. chili, attempting to use my new George Foreman Grill successfully. All this baking of bread has caused my weight to start creeping up the past week which sucks as I had lost 15lbs since losing my job - lovingly referred to as "15lbs of unhappiness and misery" but fresh baked bread is adding them back one at a time.

This is unacceptable so I have also been jumping on the wii fit a bit more and trying to work out without having to go outside in the cold. (It may be 35ish out but that is still too cold for me).

So today after I get off my wii fit - I plan to bake banana bread - not exactly the answer to the problem BUT I have two overripe bananas and I don't want to throw them away. So depending on how much I eat I may need to spend a bit more time on the wii fit this week.

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sunshine said...

I know what you mean Tricia! All of this baking that I have been doing lately has been causing some weight gain for me as well.
I had lost 10 pounds and I've put 3 back on. Seeing how I still have 20 to lose, not good.
I can't help it though!!! This time of the year is just so perfect for baking and homemade bread is soooooooooooo good!

I really need to get back to exercising as well. I'm sure I could maintain if I just got moving again.

We are enjoying a January thaw right now as well. I love it!

P.S. The Heath bits would for sure work just as well ... :P