Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Christmas Tree is still up...

Normally I take it down on New Years Day or maybe the day after that. This is a small tree this year, won't take much time to take it down and yet I hesitate to do it. I realized why today.

Last year on the day I took my tree down my sweet cat Anni died. She was sleeping under the tree as I took it down and she came crawling out and literally started dying in front of me.

I have a 21 year old cat that looks like death warmed over. I think in the back of my mind I'm afraid that if I take the tree down he will just keel over like my poor Anni did last year.

This is a ridiculous fear, the cat is 21 years old and I think he's ready to go. I'm mostly ready for him to go, but I guess not as ready as I thought. :(

Here is Mike - my tree stays up in hopes that he can live a few more days...


Crafty Linda said...

My Christmas Tree is still up! I had 3 dogs and they all passed away within one year, I miss my canine family members so much! My tree's still up because the lights look too pretty and cheerful to take down!
I have made an executive (in other words my husband will agree!) decision that I will buy pretty light for our fire place that I can keep up till next Christmas! This means I always feel cheerful and positive! A year on from losing my baby dog I still miss her, but we now talk about all the dogs with gladness for all the unconditional love they gave us and all the fun and games we shared. People who have never had pet don't really understand the grief of losing them!
I also had a cat called Sandy, who I inherited when a very dear friend pass away. Sandy was so loving and almost seemed to speak to me! Unfortunately she was knocked down outside our house, when I picked her up I thought she was dead, but I was cuddling her and telling her how much we loved her and I suddenly realised she was purring ever-so quietly, although she did die that night I know I made her last moments happy! Animals are just like people with their own personalities!
My thoughts are with you, I hope Mike is still OK just keep loving him.
Take care
Linda x
Annoying, Pig-headed MS Sufferer with a ever loving Husband/Carer

Herrad said...

Hi Tricia,
Our tree is still up, Richie will take it down this coming weekend.
Your cat Mike looks like a lovely cat.
Keep warm.

Debbie said...

I would sometimes leave mine up for family to see it on my sister's bday. In case we hosted and in case they didn't get to see it over the holidays. Her bday is 1/11 so that was a stretch. Not this year. Too much going on so we took it down this past Sunday. Poor kitty!

sunshine said...

So sorry about the horrible memory of your cat dying when you took the tree down. That's awful.
I hope that your old cat you have now enjoys his last days. :)