Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today is 01022010 - cool!

And day two of this new year and new decade is going a-okay. Got up around 9 and did the 30 minutes on my wii fit - the goal is to do 30 days straight, making this a habit.

I spent a few hours visiting with my parents yesterday wasn't a lot of fun though since we were talking about my husband's disability and how difficult it is for me to try to keep him in line. He thinks he can do things that he really has no business doing. He insists that he is going to buy a new truck and I have to keep telling him we can't afford it (and I don't want him to have a giant truck to drive around either) and he keeps getting mad and telling me to get job so he can have his truck. GRRRRR

Thinking about going to see Avatar today - want to see it on the IMAX in 3D so that means a trip to Albany - also really coveting a Pandora bracelet and there is a store in that mall. I think I may buy one with a few charms just for fun and a pick me up.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

sounds like a great start to the year. only 363 days left. lol I don't let my husband drive anymore

Tricia said...

Tammy I wish I could just stop him but it's too hard, he hasn't had any accidents and while I know in my heart he really shouldn't be driving I'm not ready to fight that battle. I don't want him to have an accident but it would be easier for me if I had a reason to take it away.

The VA is going to do a driving evaluation for him to see if he needs hand controls but my hope is they just say no he shouldn't drive at all.

I worry so much everytime he is out with the car.

Herrad said...

Hi Tricia,
Please visit my blog and pick up your award.
Best wishes for this New Year.

Layne said...

You and my mom both get HUGE rewards in heaven for dealing with difficult men with health issues.