Thursday, October 7, 2010

Having a better week...

Have had one job interview (for a job I did not get) on Wed and another on Friday for a job I hope to get still.

Husband has not mentioned moving to Ohio once this week.

Saturday we are going to Six Flags with some friends and taking the kids from our youth group band. Sunday we are spending the day with our friends who are part of the youth group band/leadership group. Sunday night we are back to youth group at 6pm and my good friend who is the youth minister and I will be making pizza for the kids all afternoon while my husband and her husband will be playing XBox and doing things boys do. :)

Hopefully I will soon be back to work - the job I am interviewing for tomorrow is one that I did 18 years ago and at that time was too young, too insecure, too green to really do well. But now? I can kill this job - I have more skills, more confidence, more people skills, and I will be able to relate to people as a peer and not as some kid right out of school. :) It is 32 hours a week mostly on the road locally and flexible so will fit my life much better than full time 8-5 in an office.

So here's hoping that soon I will be employed again and that things continue an upward trend.


J said...

Hi there. I just came across your blog and my heart just reaches out to you. I am also wife to a husband who has MS. I feel like we have many similarities and I wanted to tell you that I understand what you're going through and I'm sorry it's so very hard at this point in your life. I know we can all use some positivity in your lives and I wanted to tell you that a perfect stranger is sending you good thoughts and well wishes for the future.

Stay strong for yourself or there will be nothing left to give to our loved ones.


PS - I was going to give you my email address if you ever wanted to vent to someone who gets it. However, I couldn't find any contact info for you so I just left a comment.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'll hope for good news. It sounds like you will be having a noce weekend....enjoy....

Tricia said...

Thanks J - appreciate the solidarity. If you want to email me you can send it to tricia.mswalk (at) and it will get forwarded to my real email address and I will answer you from that one!

Thanks would love to talk more.