Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things you see in a small town...

So far I really am enjoying my new job - I am out and about 95% of my time in my car driving from business to business asking for advertisements. My success rate is low but I'm just starting out and many of these people will make me do face time - I will have to see stop in to see them week after week after week before I may be rewarded with their advertising. I can handle that.

So in my travels the last two weeks here are some strange things I've seen:
  • A man with a fishing pole sitting on a bench on main street, as I walked by he winked at me and I said "catch anything?" and laughed - his reply "maybe - you are the first nibble I've had all day" LOL!
  • Today was 75 degrees out - a beautiful sunny warm fall day - there was the lady in the down parka walking along main street.
  • A few days ago saw a guy mopping the sidewalk in the middle of the bridge over the river, no water or bucket just him and a mop swirling it around on the concrete. Weird.
  • There is the guy who drives his riding lawnmower around town, have seen it parked at the bank, the diner, the grocery store, yep AWESOME!
  • And today I saw a woman in a motorized wheelchair laden down with bags of laundry and a basket of laundry in her lap, she could hardly see around it all as she drove up main street toward the laundromat.
Yes you indeed see some very odd sights in small towns.

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

thats what gives the town personality