Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm going to pretend nothing is happening here...

that is what my husband does when he does not want to answer a question or face the music - he pretends he didn't hear it or didn't do it, etc.

So I'm pretending that he isn't trying to force me to do what he wants.

His latest is that he can't drive after dark. So he's trapped at home with darkness coming earlier and earlier each day. But you can bet if he ran out of cig's he'd drive after dark to go get them - just not to come for dinner while I'm at work. It's okay I can keep up this game for awhile.

When he starts to really push and insist we list the house is when it will have to come to harsh reality. I have to wonder if I force him to choose which he would choose? I mean he is trying to force me to choose. So will he choose his mom or me? And does she really want him full time? I know the answer to that NO SHE DOES NOT!

It may be time to have a heart to heart with his mom and let her know my bottom line. If he's coming to Dayton he's coming without me and he will be her responsibility. She may start encouraging him to stay put.

But until his VA claim is settled - if it's in his favor - there is no way he can afford to go so now I find myself hoping the VA continues to drag it's collective feet.


verybadcat said...

damn, hon. i'm sorry he's being so difficult. maybe his mom can talk some sense into him. *hugs*

gpc said...

I'm so sorry. Is it possible that his mind has been so severely affected by his disease? Stay strong.