Monday, September 27, 2010

Cover Letter Worked After All...

I will be having a phone interview on Thursday for this job that I sent the cover letter in for.

Now I have another dilemma - I also just applied for a Director of Marketing position - one that will likely take a long time to go through the steps if I'm considered. The job that I have the interview for will likely be decided quickly and if I get offered it I should take it. BUT the other job is a career and I would have to take it if I got the chance.

The dilemma is after my talk of loyalty and all that jazz if I got a better offer and I left would that make me an extreme hypocrite?

And am I counting my chickens before I even have the eggs that might hatch some day?


Queen-Size funny bone said...

you'll have to play it by ear

sunshine said...

I think that working on the assumption that you and hubby will be staying together, if you are offered the "cover letter job" you should take it.
None of the facts that you stated in the letter have changed. You still need the flexibility etc, etc that this job offers.
If things work out with the marketing job then you'll have some decisions to make but until then, I'd take this one if offered it. :)
Nothing comes into our lives without a reason.
Good Luck!!!!!


gpc said...

So they weren't crazy after all! I agree with Sunshine, don't think so far ahead. You wanted this job for bigger reasons than just "career." Trust your instincts.