Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A wing and a prayer...

There is a job advertised in a business in my small town - it is for a woman business owner that is known to be smart, savvy, compassionate, and funny. I am interested in this position although if you look at my resume it is definitely beneath my skills and education. I want the chance to talk to this woman because I think she would feel for my situation and give me a chance. I know I could be a great thing for her business too. I've applied for several local positions that would be the same - beneath my skills but I am willing and yet they don't even call me back. So this time I wrote this cover letter hoping to get her to at least talk to me:

Dear Business Owner,

I would like to be considered for your Data Entry & Processing Specialist position. I am smart, mature, educated, and funny. You will find me loyal and hard working and extremely speedy. I once completed a data entry project that was slated to take 6 months in just over 6 weeks, this was unfortunate as I worked myself right out of that temporary position. I type 70+ WPM and am highly accurate, I'm smart enough to question things that just don't make sense rather than just type what I see as some data entry clerks I've worked with in the past.

You may wonder why someone with my education level and experience is applying for this level of a job, and in past cover letters I have focused on my qualifications and not gotten the call back I had hoped for. So I am going to be very honest with you - yes I do have an MBA and years of Marketing experience. I also have a disabled veteran husband who depends on me for many things. He is self sufficient day to day but I don't feel comfortable being 50-60 miles away in case of emergency and Albany is where those level jobs are at. I need flexibility in my scheduling because every 4 weeks I need an afternoon to take him to the VA Hospital in Albany for appointments. I need to work for someone who will understand this responsibility and respect me for it.

What I can offer you? Loyalty, Smarts, Computer Expertise (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and more), a friendly face in your office, a professional presence in your business. I am also quite confident that I can do a job that would take the average person 40 hours in 30 hours per week. I don't think you would be disappointed in my performance if you gave me a chance.

If you are interested in discussing further I can be reached at home-phone or cell-phone. I do hope to hear from you soon.




gpc said...

That's a really good letter. My fingers are crossed for you!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I think thats great letter. I hope she calls...

sunshine said...

That is an amazing cover letter.
If this chick doesn't at least call you in to talk, she's nuts!!

Saying a prayer and thinking positive thoughts for you.
All the best sweetie!