Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Turning over a new leaf...

It's fall and the leaves are changing here much sooner than I'd care for, but I've got the spirit of change raging in me. It's time to make so many changes in my life.

I've applied for a job - likely full time. It would pay less than 1/2 of my last full time job and yet it would be close to home and much more fun I think. Deadline for applications is the 17th so I'm not sweating the fact that I didn't get a call back that same day after my wickedly awesome cover letter was sent. :)

I started taking a weekly exercise class - and we all know that once a week is not enough so I'm trying to get in some other workouts during the week. Today is a beautiful fall day and I am planning to take a walk either with my neighbor or my dog - but one way or the other I will get in 30 minutes of walking time. Tomorrow looks like rain - perhaps a day of wii fit would be good? Shooting for 30 minutes a day 3-5 days a week to start.

I need to do a nice fall cleaning job in my home - get it ready to be shut up for the winter, need to air it out now while I still can. I hate cleaning - HATE IT and when I had a good job I paid a cleaning lady once a week. I cannot really justify that when I'm home most days but if I start to work full time I might consider it again although I know my husband would fight that so it might not be worth the fight.

So in the spirit of not jumping into more than I can handle today's tasks are - clear the kitchen counter, wet mop the floor, and take my walk. I can handle that. :)

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sunshine said...

Good for you on the walks! I was just saying to my Mother today that I really need to get some exercise in.
I'm shooting for 3 days a week to start.

Still sending prayers regarding the new job!!!!