Sunday, February 10, 2013

Minor Humiliations...

This shouldn't humiliate me and yet to a minor degree I felt some humiliation.

Friday Night at the Restaurant - in walks a large group of 13 people that I do not know BUT wait I do know one of them.  One of them is a man who was a Brand Director for a company that I worked for 5+ years ago when I was a Brand Manager and he was my boss.  Back when I was someone important.  When I had a STAFF that reported to me.  Back when I worked 50+ hours a week and traveled on business and garnered respect as I climbed the corporate ladder.

He recognized me because he said hello to me by name.  But that was it.  He did not ask how I have been since I left there 5+ years ago.  He did not seem interested in why I was now taking his pasta order rather than managing a team of brand marketers somewhere.

I wanted to explain - when I left that job my husband was still relatively healthy, walking, working full time at his own career.  I wanted to say how far I went before realizing I could no longer be part of that corporate world and still fulfill the promises I made at the altar that day 13 years ago.  I wanted to tell him how my own private endeavors that I work at less than 20 hours a week are providing an income just shy of what I made when I worked for him.

I didn't want him to think I was just a waitress.

But he didn't ask so I just brought him his food and acted like I didn't care.  I did.


Jennifer Leeland said...

I don't know what to say because I how you feel would be how I feel. I wish the sacrifices, the struggles the ACHIEVEMENTS you've done in the last six years since I've followed you showed on your outward appearances. So that everyone can know what an awesome human being you really are, based solely on the soul within, not the title you carry.

Tricia said...

I do know that Jennifer but appreciate you saying it. I wish it didn't matter to me what he thought so much. It didn't matter for me to pull him aside and explain myself but inside to me it mattered more than it should.