Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do you believe in angels?

I definitely do but tonight I got to experience my guardian angel in action.  I think she came with my car.  :)  My car used to belong to my mother in law.  Very randomly and even when they are turned off my cars windshield wipers will just wave at me one time.  I always say "Hi Mom" when it happens.  I know it's a little crazy but it feels right.

Tonight I lost control of my car on a very slick hill and ran into an embankment and then bounced around doing a 180 and landing almost laying on my side in a ditch.

I unhooked my seat belt and fell into the passenger seat and then searched for my phone which had gone flying with all the impacts.  I called my husband and said "babe - I think I need a new car".

I had hit HARD and spun around and hit HARD again.  I was a little shook up but experiencing an adrenaline rush so I called Pete, called 911, then called roadside assistance for a tow truck.  I told the tow truck driver that he better bring a flat bed cause I didn't know if it was going to be able to tow on the road.

Then I sat and waited, and waited and waited.  45 minutes later the state police showed up.  He was super nice and did not give me a ticket for driving too fast for road conditions.  Several nice people had stopped to help right after it happened too, one a first responder wanted to take my vitals but I was fine.

Shocked really but I floated through that accident as if in a big bubble.  I didn't get banged up or whipped around at all.  I felt like I was wrapped in bubble wrap or packed in cotton and I know what that accident should have felt like as I've had similar ones before.

When they towed my car out of the ditch to my utter disbelief and complete AWE, the only visible damage was the front bumper loose on the edges and turned slightly down.  The entire passenger side of my vehicle had been down in a ditch up against an embankment and I hit HARD.  Not a scratch.

So far from needing a new car I might need a new bumper.  Or maybe that one just has to be put back in it's place?

I definitely believe a little more strongly in protection from angels tonight. And whether my guardian angel is my mother in law or just some poor random angel assigned to me I feel blessed.


Patrick said...

Wow! Whatever or whoever was on your side thank goodness you were unharmed. MS caregiving is too physical.

Caregivingly Yours,

Lori Jasmine said...

Wow thank the good lord for sending his angels to you