Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rambling Brain Dump...

Tonight is my holiday party - so excited to wear my pretty dress and hot new shoes. I think I gave up on an upd0 for my hair. I did it last Sunday and thought it looked okay - curly and up. Did the same thing last night (another practice run) and it flopped badly so I brushed it out and looked like I had a modernized bouffant type do. Not sure if I want to try again today and end up with less than fabulous hair to go with my fabulous dress and shoes because it will affect my confidence level.

This was a crazy week at work - extremely busy coming back from the 4 day weekend. A problem that won't go away kept me scrambling all week and my boss helped out and we still didn't get it right in the end. I found out that we pitched a new client this week - we are on the short list with 2 other companies for this account. It is another HUGE and high profile account and if they sign with us they will be mine. My boss warned me that the woman in charge of the project on their end is abrupt, demanding, no sense of humor, hard to please. OH JOY! I'm getting the client who's main contact is a mega bitch. During the pitch on Tuesday she was pushing to have this project done by Feb 1st and the CEO, VP and Database Manager all told her that was too aggressive and we couldn't promise to deliver by Feb 1st, that the best we could promise was Mid March. Her suggestion to speed things up? Let's cancel Christmas holiday plans for all involved employees and just work straight through. She wasn't kidding. They told her no. So perhaps with all this NO going on we won't win the client? But if we do - what a fun 3 months I'm going to have trying to please this bitch.

My health insurance changed on Dec 1st to a new company and plan. I was worried as hubby had a Tysabri infusion scheduled for Friday. If anyone remembers last January when I first started blogging - it was about the 4-5 week frustration I had getting him set up, approved and started on Tysabri. It took 4-5 weeks to get it all done. New company would require pre-approval for crazy expensive treatments and I was worried I would not get it all done between Monday and Friday. Add to that we didn't get our cards until Thursday. Sooooo - what happened? I called his doc's office on Monday to have them call and jump through approval hoops and didn't get anyone but left a message. They called me back Wednesday and I was thinking no way it would be done by Friday - but by Wed afternoon the drug was approved, the hospital that was infusing it had all the info they needed and it went off on Friday morning without a hitch. It was so easy I'm sure something is wrong. I'll probably get a bill for $5800 or something.

So that's about it - rambling update of what is happening in my crazy and boring middle aged life.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

You really have to love the insurance systems. Good luck and hope you don't get any bills. I bet you'll beautiful at your party, have fun.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

What is it about the holidays that makes everything CRAZY!!!! I hope that woman doesn't give you too much trouble.
Have a wonderful time at your Christmas party tonight.
I want to see the dress.

Meghan said...

Have fun at the party! Pics of the fabulous new dress?

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great time at the party!

Tricia said...

The party was great! :) We were out until around 1am and drank, danced, and partied soundly.

Unfortunately I have spent the next two days with a migraine. :(