Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Starting a side career...

Not sure if it will pan out to be worth my time and energy BUT I am going to start being a Home Interiors Consultant next week. I thank Jennifer of Where is Mommy's Prozac for the idea.

My hope is to make a few hundred extra dollars a month - enough to keep paying the maid and the gym membership to be exact.

I have found a local consultant who will sign me up in her organization - assuming this means she will get money from every sale I make too? :)

So come Monday I will have signed up for this officially and see how it goes in 2009 - My plan is to create a list of potential customers who are interested in hearing about weekly specials. I will also bring catalogs to work in case anyone is interested here. I don't plan to do a lot of heavy selling and unless someone begs I'm not doing demonstrations - only book parties.

Maybe it will be a flop because I don't want to put an immense amount of energy into it. But I need to make at least enough to pay back my initial investment which will be approx $200 with the starter kit and the annual website fee.

Wish me luck. Maybe my 2nd career will inspire me more than my first?


Jennifer McKenzie said...

You go girl. you can do it.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I love their stuff. My entire house is decorated with the stuff.

Tricia said...

I like a lot of their stuff and have quite a bit too. I like the opportunity they offer. I considered Tastefully Simple but don't want to have all that foodstuff around it is too tempting! I also considered Pampered Chef but think that the Home Interiors has a broader base of customers. I hope it works out. Gotta try something at least until hubby is working again. Although my real fear is that perhaps he is not really capable of working anymore - the MS has really taken too much from him. He needs help with things that used to be easy for him. But I'm trying to stay optimistic.

Lanette said...

Tricia - I was a Tastefully Simple consultant for 2 years. It was fun to do parties, but the on hand inventory (which people prefer) got to be too expensive and I did have to put in many hours trying to "sell" and do parties not just book parties. In the long run for me the time away from my family and such was not worth the money I got out of it.

Most people want to see what they are buying up close and personal - can't really blame them I would too! Best of luck to you! :)