Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turns out...

That my lack of energy and illness is not just from the cold I caught - saw the doctor today and he wondered why I've never really been tested for asthma considering my chart and how often I have this bronchial trouble. So he gave me a peak flow meter and I was blowing less than 1/3 what I should. So he gave me a nebulizer treatment in the office and then it was slightly better more like 1/2 what I should. He sent me home with Advair, Prednisone and some good Hydrocodone Cough Syrup to quell the coughing. He thinks I'll be feeling much better in 3-4 days and gave me 2 weeks of Advair in sample packs and then wants me to come back to see him. He also sent me home with the peak flow meter and wants me to jot down some numbers to see how much improvement I get.

I have had rescue inhalers before when ill but I hate them - they make me choke - I just cannot inhale - I am no pot head that is for sure I could never inhale so what is the point. LOL Anyway the Advair inhaler is not aerosol you just inhale it using the force of your lungs and it doesn't make me want to die like the other one.

He may keep me on it long term - he calls my combination of asthma symptoms and chronic bronchitis COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder - oh yay same illness class as emphysema. All these years of NEVER smoking and my lungs are still compromised thanks to years of second hand smoke I'm sure.

Anyway hoping that the improvement in lung function may also help show improvement in my attitude and energy level.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm sure once you feel better maybe the mood will change

Laura said...

Thank goodness someone finally caught it!
I hope that the next few days bring you some relief!!!