Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why is it men are such babies about colds?

Why can they break bones and act like it's nothing and then turn into a whining, cranky child because of a cold?

2 weeks ago I had bronchitis, taking heavy duty antibiotics and narcotic cough syrups to survive day to day and I managed to still go to work most of the time and while I wasn't great company I wasn't grouchy and mean.

He has a cold - a bit of a cough, stuffy nose, and he's Mr. Crabby Pants! Seriously. I am still coughing from the bronchitis from the 1st week of January and I am dealing.

He is driving me crazy. GRRRR

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gpc said...

Love that clip. It certainly is true. Thank goodness you know what to do! Poor little bunny.