Monday, April 28, 2008

Manic Monday - Ramblings

First of all - MY CAR IS BACK IN THE GARAGE! ARGH - on Friday the 18th I had to take it in for a loud engine noise that turned out to be something stripped and flipping around on the starter. They kept it until Tuesday the 22nd and I expected all to be well. Then this morning I turned the key and nothing happened! (well lights came on and things dinged and the radio was blaring, but the car did not start) After turning the key about 15 times with the same result I called the dealership. Not a happy camper but they told me to call Roadside Assistance and have it towed in. So I did - and that was an experience worthy of blogging about - the tow truck driver was approximately 20 years old? Maybe 22-25 but YOUNG, and he took the most indirect, backasswards way of taking my car to the dealer I can possibly imagine. He went at least 10-15 miles out of his way, he took the worst roads imaginable, he refused to take interstate routes and insisted on going straight through the heart of Schenectady going up State Street to the dealer. From my house it is about 40 miles to the dealer, if I was driving it would have taken no more than 50 minutes, we left my house at 9am and got to the dealer at 10:20. UGH Now I'm waiting to hear back as to what crazy thing is now wrong with my BRAND FREAKING NEW CAR that should be having no such problems. :(

Second of all - my house is clean, not spotless but clean. The maid came for 4 hours on Saturday, she thoroughly cleaned both bathrooms and the kitchen. She did a good job in the bathrooms and the kitchen. She also "dusted" in my bedroom. The "quotes" are because she did not pick up the doilies or remove anything and dust underneath. She did not use pledge but just used the dampened cloth she had used to clean the mirrors, damp with WINDEX - on my wood! (hubby saw her do this) And she did not dust the base or sides at all and they were dusty. While she did bathrooms and kitchen I dusted all wood furniture in living room and dining room, I moved all the furniture away from the walls and vacuumed under and behind. I washed the windows in the living room. I moved the furniture back and vacuumed the rest of the room. I also took all the animals aside and used the deshedding comb and brush on them to try and prevent future hair problems but they are still shedding like crazy (it's that time of year). So the maid is coming back this week, she did tell me that I should give her direction for how I want things done, and if she isn't doing something to my liking to tell me as she is not sensitive. So I probably won't mention the WINDEX incident but I will ask her to use Pledge on all wooden surfaces and to please remove everything and dust then put it back. Seems like common sense to me? But then I am often guilty of dusting around things when in a hurry, but I don't do this for a living either. So we'll see - if she truly is not sensitive and takes direction well then she may work out. If not well there are other options.

And finally - work related - I have been here for six months and had my review last week. It was excellent. When I was hired I was told I would get a raise at the six month mark. Payday is Wednesday and no one has mentioned it to me. Also I have been given a new job opportunity and am finally free to start working on it more full time and my new title is a promotion without a doubt. So, do I wait until Wednesday and see no raise in my paycheck? Do I address it now? And who on earth do I address it to? My "old" boss who gave me the review? His boss, the VP who hired me and made the promise? Or my new boss who gave me the higher titled position? I'm leaning toward the VP that made the promise - but he is someone I find a bit intimidating so talking to him is "scary" LOL. EEEKS? I can't do nothing? I've earned this raise, truly I have and I want it now. If no one turned in a pay increase for me then there's no way it will happen this pay period anyway so maybe I should just wait till Wednesday and then mention it as I'm leaving for the day (Thursday and Friday are going to be vacation days for me). I'm so bad at this type of thing!


Meghan said...

Re: maid, yeah, there are a few gems who know how to do everything just the way you want it right from the start (my longtime maid in Texas was like this), and then there are those you have to train. It works out okay though, after 4 or 5 times (of seeing and pointing out various issues that you want addressed differently), they will typically become just fine. It's very common based on friends I have with maids too, you just have to tell them, and you're on the right track with bringing it up in a positive, instructive manner (i.e., "please use Pledge on all wood surfaces", etc.

Meghan said...

That's it, I'm sold on getting a housekeeper.

As far as the promo goes-congratulations! I'd just point out to your boss about how the new job is going to have a stronger set of responsibilities and you are looking forward to them AS well as the compensation for such :)

pessimisticredhead said...

I'm a big wuss when it comes to that type of stuff (asking for a raise). Wait and see what happens tomorrow.