Monday, April 7, 2008

Random Thoughts...

We got a letter from the insurance company on Saturday - Hubby's 2nd dose of Tysabri was billed and the claim rejected - they said it had not received pre-approval. But it was approved for 6 doses so I don't get it? I think the infusion center screwed up and billed it incorrectly. I am wondering what I will need to do to facilitate this getting paid? If they send the bill to me ($5,128) it will definitely NOT be paid, but hopefully they will take care of what needs to be done. I better make the call before his next infusion just to make sure they don't turn him away.

I'm about to surpass $1,000 in donations for the MS Walk and still have a few stragglers who have promised to give. This is twice what my original goal was. People are much more likely to donate to things like this when you have a personal sob story to tell. I wish I didn't have a personal sob story.

I had good intentions today - I went out at lunch, I had decided, I was going to join Curves (the gym) BUT their hours are 6-noon and 3-8pm! Really? Not open at lunch time and there they are in the middle of office buildings all around. I would think lunchtime would be a busy time. I was annoyed, I was going to start working out at lunch, and NOW? I CAN'T!!!! The only other gym nearby is the YMCA and it costs twice as much! I can't afford twice as much. So I'll walk when I can and just deal, sucks when you get up your nerve to do something and then you can't.

My nephews are the cutest little boys on the planet! I took pictures of them yesterday (with me) and they were wearing their Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts that I got them at Universal. :) I had a Thing 2 shirt on too! I'll try to drag them off the camera tonight if I remember. Funny thing about those two boys - the oldest is almost 5 and you'd think he was my child instead of my sister's - he is so much like me it's not funny! The youngest is more mellow - maybe more like her? But the older boy really loves to torture his baby brother - he is constantly in his face, kissing him and trying to hug him and mauling him. Poor baby is really annoyed by his brother most of the time.

Reminds me of me and my sister - I used to torture her. Having a little sibling is like having your own private punching bag! Your own private servant! I got all the good roles when playing games. Princess and the servant girl - of course being the older sister I was always the princess and I treated that servant girl like dirt but of course. So my older nephew being very much like me will likely reap the benefits of being the oldest child - just hope his baby brother isn't a total tattletale like my baby sister always was! :)


Shieldmaiden96 said...

Feh, when I was broke and worked in a large industrial park in a particularly (though not the worst) ugly section of Delaware, I used to just suit up, strap on my MP3 player, and walk outside. By the time I left that job there were half a dozen other people from my office doing the same thing. (They weren't following me Forrest Gump style, they did their own thing and we waved to each other in passing.)
Meanwhile, I'd stop down to Curves and make a case for being open at lunch time. If enough people pester them maybe they'll put in a 12-2 shift or something.

Meghan said...

LOL, I remember scrapping with my bro. I don't think we ever outgrown that scrappy stage really.