Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Manic Monday!

This is a good week so far - very busy which is great - no time to get bored. Hubby has a job interview tomorrow with the Dept of Labor for NYS which would be awesome - State Job = Lots of paid time off and great benefits!

This morning on my way in we were listening to the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show - a syndicated radio show that is sometimes really stupid and sometimes quite funny. Well today they were giving people 30 seconds to pitch their candidate. Some people are super stupid is all I can say and it seems to be spread well across party lines. Here is what I heard today:
  • "McCain is a Nazi and he hates Jewish people." Thankfully they cut this guy off soon after he finished this sentence saying there was no way they could continue. But they aired it anyway - assuming like most shows they are on a delay and could have just killed his bit altogether.
  • "Obama has Muslim Values and since all Muslim's hate Americans and want us to die..." this is where they cut this woman off.
  • "McCain should get the honor of being president, not because he will make the best one but because he sacrificed for our country."
  • "Obama wants to take away our guns, raise our taxes, and kill babies." as soon as she said kill babies she got cut off.
  • Someone named "Chuck Baldwin" is running?
  • "Vote for McCain because he is old and he's going to die soon and leave a hot MILF running the country and we need some eye candy in the White House." this guy wins for funniest he also commented on Palin's daughter and her great balcony! ;-)
Then there was more of the stuff I've heard a thousand times. I'll be glad when this election is over. One more day!


Shieldmaiden96 said...

I heard of Chuck Baldwin. Don't know anything about him, but I've heard the name twice now this week. I also saw an Alan Keyes sign on Friday. I didn't even know he was running.

One more day.....

Anonymous said...

So ready to be done with this. So ready.