Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things for which I am truly thankful...

My husband - flaws and all I can't imagine my life without you here. Although sometimes you make me cry it is much more often that you make me laugh. I love the ease of being with you, of knowing what to expect most of the time, the playfulness, the love that we share.

My family - you all do so much to help, to support, to show love. My daddy especially who has gone above and beyond in keeping my house in working order. For my mom - who had a big scare this summer and who I can't fathom life without.

My pup - who loves me maybe more unconditionally than anyone else and no matter what. The one who comes and lays his head on my lap after I yell at him and takes the burden off me. Sometimes I think he's the only one who understands how sad I get at times, no one else notices but Xavier knows. He can say so much with those big brown eyes of his.

My friends - (IRL and online) you know who you are! You listen to me whine, you cry with me, you rejoice with me, you drink with me, you shop with me, you eat chocolate with me, you complete me! :)

The cats - Mike who will never die (21 and counting) like Timex he takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Another close call this year but I think he's got 6 or so lives left of his 9. Felix who is the clown and so entertaining to watch, also my sensitive sweet snuggler. And Anni - the one I am afraid might indeed be dying - she can't seem to get enough of me lately always on my lap or by my side and becoming old cat frail and thin at only 13. :(

My job - although I want to go home everyday at 5pm, you are run by compasionate kind people who truly do care about my wellbeing and success and thus pay me enough to weather this storm without losing my house, or having to give up too many comforts. You offer me top notch health insurance that allows my husband to have very expensive treatments that have halted the progression of his disease. And you are finally beginning to challenge me, to excite me, to make me enjoy what keeps me busy.

My house - which is warm and inviting with my super comfy bed and housing most of the things I love most in this world. Much warmer and more comfortable this year with the new doors blocking the draft, the new furnace pumping out warm and humid air, the new insulation keeping all that warm heat in the house. And the new AC unit just waiting for that first hot day of summer to keep me cool and comfortable in my home.

Although this has been a bit of a rough year for me - a lot of challenges, Pete giving up his job in September and not having another one lined up as he was told. The fear of losing it all, the relief of knowing that I don't have to. Fear that eventually being home is going to drive my husband into a depression and what that might mean, the joy that it hasn't happened so far. The uncertainly that 2009 brings with new presidents, a full blown recession, and an unemployed husband. Despite all this I have been truly blessed with love, life, family, friends and I am thankful.


jenniferleeland said...

This is why I love you. Happy Thanksgiving!

verybadcat said...

I love you! :) I'm very grateful for you.....

Happy Thanksgiving.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

sounds like you are truly blessed.