Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do you ever wonder if you have an office name?

Around here there is Weird Ed - he's kind of a hippy type guy - livin off the land - has this long curly mane of hair he sometimes wears in a strange ponytail on top of his head. He's super friendly, nice, but WEIRD.

Then there's the woman who talks too much - no one even wants to say HI to her because you will be stuck. The last time I asked her how her day was going I spent 1/2 an hour saying I really need to get back to work while I learned that her husband is an engineer, how he loves NASA and how he and his friend went down to Cape Kennedy to watch the last space shuttle launch and a blow by blow of just how awesome it was. I avert my eyes when I see her coming now.

And of course there is my nemesis RBT - who is now trying to one better me by leaving the department we shared to go to one of the data geek teams. Thankfully he's not going to be joining my team (Database Solutions) because I'm not sure I could handle him trying to watch me. He is known as the office gossip. If you want to get news out tell RBT, if you want to know what's happening around the office, ask RBT.

Then there's the Useless IT guy - he sits across a cubicle wall from me so I hear what he does all day. He eats frequently and chews loudly while talking. He clips his fingernails (this makes me cringe). He talks on the phone to his 2 year old son in annoying and sickening baby talk. He yells into his bosses office instead of getting up and walking in there to talk to him. He talks on the phone to his wife, his mom, his ex-wife about his other son, his friends. He sets up happy hour get togethers with his friends. And he sleeps - yes SLEEPS - yesterday we heard some strange noises coming over the wall that sounded suspiciously like snoring. When we went to check it out INDEED - he was FAST ASLEEP. And just my luck if anyone at work ever happens upon my blog it's most likely to be him so if he's reading this just kidding on the useless part? LOL

There are more but what I wonder is - what do other people call me other than my name when discussing me? LOL


verybadcat said...

Oh, nelly. Well, I know that there are some people here who call me a bitch or the bitch. I accidentally saw an email that referred to me as the Mouth of the South. We had a guy here who used to call me Sunshine, and you gotta know that wasn't a compliment! My boss told me that I couldn't attend Toastmasters on company time because "that's for people who are too shy to communicate effectively", which was a delicate way of saying "you really don't need anymore encouragement to speak up". One of my colleagues calls me "sexy", and apparently I ended up on the Tech Support departments list of "girls in the office I would shag" (not that any of them have a chance in hell of shaggin' any of us).

No one will really call me anything to my face. I think it's because I do the payroll. :)

Meghan said...

In my eyes I'm the cool teacher. In the student's eyes....more than likely not so much :)

pessimisticredhead said...

We have so many nicknames in my office and I must admit, I've made quite a few of them up!

Shieldmaiden96 said...

I used to work with a guy who called me 'Basinger' because my name is Kim.
Where I work now there are too few of us to mete out nicknames but the fire department is another matter. EVERYONE has a name there. I'm afraid to even ask what mine is.

Tricia said...

Wow - Bassinger is a great nickname! :)

mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... I think mine is "Oh SHIT! HIDE!"

I hear that a lot.