Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Sucks

This pretty much sums up how I feel today. Monday is strangling the life right out of me. I got up and showered and then contemplated calling in and going back to bed. I contemplated this for oh about 40 minutes until I decided I should go in and then rushed around like a mad woman to finish getting ready and out the door in 10 minutes. MONDAY. SUCKS.

Then at the office, I'm still dragging. I am not busy today, this is a bad thing to be not busy when you are already tired and dragging. It's 2:43 and I have been watching the clock since 10am. MONDAY. SUCKS.

I do have a few personal errands to do - but they involve calling car dealers and trying to play them one off the other to see who will give me the best deal on a trade in. I don't want to do this because no matter what day of the week - IT SUCKS!

Today was to have been the day I started watching what I eat in addition to my gym visits to attempt to shrink my ass in some significant way before June 22nd. Good intentions and all I totally blew it today. No great surprise. One good thing I did today was purchase a bottle of GNC's Women's Ultra Mega Vitamins! :) Maybe they will help me get some more energy? The Diet Mt. Dew isn't working anymore. Or maybe I just have a case of the Monday's? MONDAY. SUCKS!


verybadcat said...

Yeah, Monday sucks. The only good thing that's happened today so far is that ADP screwed up the payroll, and we'll get paid a day early. ;-)

Meghan said...

Mondays DO suck. Three cheers for Tuesdays. And more importantly, Fridays :)

Meghan said...

What happens on June 22 that you're wanting to lose weight for? Mondays do suck, I'm always fuzzy and tired on Mondays and Fridays - at least till they're over! Why are you having such trouble getting up every morning these days do you think? Doing too much for everyone but yourself and planning too many things for others on weekends? Hmmmm? Repeat after me: "ME FIRST". :-)

Tricia said...

June 22nd is the day that the 4 other girls from my graduating class and I chose to get together to celebrate our 20 year reunion. From what I hear 3 of these girls are skinnier than they were in high school and they were skinny then! The other girl has about doubled her weight from high school so at least I won't be the fattest one - but I always was the biggest in high school.

Really I just want to get skinnier (i.e. healthier) before I turn 40 - so that gives me 2 years to lose it all and cement a lifestyle. But I can't keep waiting to do it.

As for the reunion, if I drop 10lbs or so it will give me a boost of confidence and that is all I really need to have a good time with the skinny bitches from high school! LOL

As for why I'm tired - just run down I guess. I am sleeping but still feeling tired. I had quit taking my vitamins because they were making me nauseous in the morning and I forgot to take them at dinner. So maybe now I'll remember to take them at lunch time at least 5 days a week?

And this weekend - I did cook but my sister and mom cleaned up. And I did mow the lawn with Pete because we needed to get it done. But the maid cleaned the house. Oh but I am taking care of Mike the cat cause he's sick again - most likely on his last life but he could fool me. Blood test results tomorrow.

I am just surprised that the working out isn't giving me more energy overall. I'm still just drained.

Meghan said...

Well, you've had a lot of stress going on with Mike, the new job responsibilities, car situation and other stuff. Good vitamins with mega doses of the B vitamins will help, I always have to take mine with food or I get nauseous. Also, eating healthy stuff will help your energy levels too, killing two birds with one stone. As far as working out, I find it depends on how often I'm doing it. The minimum recommended for some health benefit of half hour a day three times a week or whatever doesn't do much for my energy levels, I only feel that significant energy surge when it's pretty much an hour or more a day 5-6 times a week, and strenuous to the point of drenched with sweat and hitting some degree of "runner's high" where all the endorphins are released. If I skip even three days of exercising like that, I feel it in the drop in my energy levels. The progress you've made is great though! At this point, you're back in the habit and getting fit again so you can keep building on your time and levels of intensity, adding sessions or long brisk walks or combo walk/jogs on weekends, etc. The weather is mostly perfect for it! I will be hoping it's good news on Mike, I know that's worrying you.

pessimisticredhead said...

Tuesdays? Not so hot either.