Friday, May 9, 2008

TGIF - ready for a weekend of relaxation...

oh wait I don't get one of those - I'm hosting mother's day since my sister is also a mom and shouldn't have to host. Also it's prime planting time and I'd really like to get the flower bed planted tomorrow - that includes breaking up the ground, pulling out the weeds, shopping for the flowers, and planting them. It's an all day project for sure - also need groceries for the week.

At least I don't have to clean my house! HA! I love having a maid!

Might talk hubby into seeing Iron Man tonight, I've heard good reviews and I've loved Robert Downey Jr ever since his stint on Ally McBeal. I love the smart nerdy, self deprecating type guy that he played on that show, which totally explains why I married a jock! LOL

Still going strong at the gym - LOVE IT! Still not losing weight (eating too much) - HATE IT!

Took VBC's lead and decided BadAss needed another dog to friend him on MySpace - so Xavier pooch has his own page now! It was surprisingly fun to make a page for my pooch!

Hubby's call today wasn't what we hoped for - we thought they were offering a job - turns out they are still interviewing but wanted to know if he was still interested (he did interview about a month ago after all) and he said "most definitely". I'm trying to decide if them calling to see if he was still available is a good sign or not a sign at all. I know all about getting hired in private industry and how those processes go but this government stuff is strange to me. They hope to have made a decision by next week, so we keep waiting.

Two and a half hours left and this longest of weeks will finally be over. I have considered calling in sick every single day this week because getting out of bed was so hard. Hopefully I will find some time to rest up this weekend or next week might be more of the same.


Meghan said...

Isn't having a maid grand? Mine comes tomorrow too! I am exhausted as well, beyond exhausted, since this was my store training week (required for all levels, and my boss had put it off as long as possible). It was a great learning experience, and the customers at this store (huge percentage of retired people) were hilarious and fun. :-) But, SO very tired! No planting for me, I know you love gardening but well, I only like getting dirty sexually. :-) We may see Ironman this weekend too, Robert Downey Jr. is definitely hot. I think that sounds really promising about Pete's call, but then I'm going by usual practices in independent companies. I don't understand why they'd call him at all if they weren't interested? We'll have to go and visit my SO's mom in the rehabilitation center, but otherwise I have a massage and manicure scheduled for tomorrow, and a dinner with friends tomorrow night but nothing but whatever we want to do the rest of the time - including, quite probably, a nap on at least one of the days and definitely sleeping late! Have a great weekend!

Meghan said...

Robert Downey Jr. definately has a sexy pseudo intellectual nerdy thing going on for him. Rrar.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I hope you take care of yourself this weekend.
*sigh* TOTALLY jealous of your maid.
I'm crossing my fingers for that job.


I work for the "govmet" me when I say it took 10 people and 13 meetings just to PLACE the call today to your hubby. It's a good sign...oh, and also a sign your tax dollars are hard at work! (NOT!)

Linda D. in Seattle

verybadcat said...

Drooling over your maid- there sure wasn't one here while I was gone!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the hubby.