Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's no wonder I'm exhausted...

Today I made calls to the vet to find out about my old cat - waiting on a call back now. Kind of peeved that no one has called yet - I guess the doctor is working late cause they said he'd call tonight.

Also hubby emailed me how he was going to have to stop taking Tysabri because he can't keep missing work and no one gives the infusions in the evening or on weekends. We had found one place that would do evening infusions and then they failed to mention they don't take our insurance! UGH As for him getting fired? we've been through this 50 times already - this is why he has the FMLA coverage but he claims they will find some other reason to fie him. SO I went on the Tysabri website and printed out every infusion center within 100 miles of us and started calling. I found one about 65 miles away that does do evenings and weekends and accepts our insurance so now to get him switched over to that facility. What a nightmare - nothing moves fast that is for sure and his next infusion is due next week. I told him he will have to go to the old place one more time even though he doesn't have time. But I don't know if he will agree yet.

I went to the gym today at lunch and felt somewhat energetic afterward but also ravenous so ate far more than is appropriate while snacking this afternoon. Another UGH.

Tonight I'm going to bed early. It looks like I'll be spending a great deal of time on the phone tomorrow figuring out hubby's infusions.



I feel YOUR pain...and your HUBBY'S. Went today for my Tysabri infusion and they wouldn't give it to me (even though I have today off from work just for the occasion)...it seems my "mannequin hands" are a problem that needs further investigation...sigh.

Linda D. in Seattle

pessimisticredhead said...

You're a good wife!

verybadcat said...

I hope the kitty is okay! :) Felix, right?

I wish your hubby could calm down about the FMLA, but I kind of understand. I hope this isn't a logistical nightmare for you. :)

Tricia said...

The kitty is Mike - he's 20 years old and not okay. He's diabetic (again) and also showing kidney failure. My inclination is to say goodbye to poor Mike rather than try to give insulin and fluids to extend his life. I mean he's 20 years old - how much longer can we extend it anyway? But Mike is/was hubby's cat - he came with the man and so as such I am trying to get him to make the call.

Hubby is paranoid because his employer is notoriously bad for firing people who have used too much time off for medical stuff. Another woman was fired when FMLA ran out and she still needed time.

The thing is he has not taken any unpaid time yet - he has either made up hours or used sick/vacation time for everything. He does have a dr. appointment on the 29th that he will need to take 1/2 a day for - this is for a physio therapist who will probably then want to see him regularly and he will refuse because of the time off thing.

So I did find him a place to have his Tysabri at night or on weekends (I prefer weekend so I can take him) and his doctor's office manager is working to get it all set up.

Just when I think I can't handle any more something else happens and it turns out I can handle it all. But really I'm sick and tired of handling it all. But it's my job - he really can't do this stuff himself - so I do it.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

That's so frustrating. I hate doing this stuff for my husband.
I hope things get better.


Hi Tricia,

I've got a Tysabri project underway. Please stop by sometime and help contribute some information.